Kidorable Umbrella

Kidorable has taken the idea of the humble umbrella and transformed it into an imagination tent. Kidorable offers the most popular assortment of whimsical umbrellas ever created.

Price: S$ 19.90 (Postage: S$2.00)

Available Designs
Kidorable Umbrella is available in the following designs: Ballerina (KU01, out of stock), Butterfly (KU02), Fairy (KU03), Fireman (KU04), Lotus (KU05), Mermaid (KU06), Pirate (KU07) and Space Hero (KU08). Please click here for pictures of these designs.

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Product Features
Kidorable Umbrella is made of 100% nylon and is child-sized for those little hands. Kidorable Umbrella measures 24" long (61 cm) and 27" diameter (68.5 cm) when open.