Paci-plushie is a light weight plush character that attaches to infant pacifiers, making the pacifier easier to find and easy for baby to place in his/her mouth. Paci-Plushie is the first and ONLY plush pacifier holder of it's kind to attach to a wide variety of pacifiers! Button and ring handled pacifiers attach to the super soft and light-weight plush toy making the pacifier easy for young infants to hold and easy for Mom to find around the house!

Winner of Moms Best Award for 2009

Price: S$ 23.90 (inclusive of a white Nookums™ Brand orthodontic pacifier with a silicone nipple) (Postage: S$1.30)

Available Designs

Paci-Plushie is available in the following designs: Baby the Bear (PP01), Bentley the Bear (PP02), Cuddles the Cat (PP03), Lovie the Lamb (PP04), Paisley the Panda (PP05), Milo the Monkey (PP06), Pixie the Puppy (PP07) and P-Nut the Puppy (PP08). Please click here for pictures of these designs.

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Product Features

Paci-Plushie comes with a flexible, silicone Hug RingTM that allows easy connection to your baby’s favourite pacifiers including MAM™ , Avent™ , Nuby™ , NUK™ , Evenflo™ , Playtex Binky™ and many more. The pacifier can be snapped off from the Paci-Plushie and the Paci-Plushie can be machine-washed (tumble dry low, or air dry and comb Paci-Plushie with your fingertips to restore the natural softness). Paci-Plushie allows babies to learn to hold and control their Paci-Plushies™ at an early age, encouraging the development of motor skills. The ultra soft fabric also adds an extra stimulation for baby's tiny fingers. Paci-Plushie is 6 inches (15 cm) long and about 4 ounces (113 grams) in weight and is anatomically sized for a newborn and light enough for them to control. Even when baby is weaned off pacifiers, Paci-Plushie remains a source of comfort to your baby.

How to Use

Before use, the pacifier that comes with Paci-Plushie should be boiled for two minutes. Any pacifiers that is used with Paci-Plushie should be sterilized or sanitized according to their manufacturer’s instructions. Any other pacifier can be attached to Paci-Pluishie via the Hug Ring. Pacifiers with a button handle are a perfect fit. For pacifiers with a ring handle, stretch the Hug Ring over the ring handle for attachment. Please click here for compatible pacifiers.

Safety Issues

Paci-Plushie is 100% BPA and phthalate free and meets or exceeds all ASTMF 963-07 and 16CFR safety requirements. The eyes of the Paci-Plushies™ are specifically embroidered and baby safe.

Safety Warning

Do Not tie pacifier around child’s neck as it presents a strangulation hazard. Adult Supervision Required.