The Juppy Baby Walker

The Juppy Baby Walker is a non traditional, parent-assisted baby walking aid used to teach babies how to walk while minimizing dangerous falls. The baby is placed in the seat of the Juppy while mom, dad or a grandparent simply holds on to the straps, while standing upright, to give support to the baby. Typically, parents tend to hold their babies by the hands or under the arms to teach them to walk. This causes stress and strain on the lower back of the parent and could cause injuries to the child's arms or joints. The Juppy Baby Walker reduces your pain and eliminates possible injury to your child.

Babes n' Cuddles LLP is the exclusive distributor of the Juppy in Singapore.

Price: S$ 34.90 (Postage: S$1.50)

Available Colours

The Juppy is available in pink (JP01) or blue (JP02).

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Product Features

The Juppy is made of a light weight cotton fabric with nylon straps. The body of the Juppy has a zip-up back and padded vest. The straps are adjustable and are 12 inches (30.5 cm) at the shortest possible length, and 17 inches (43 cm) at the longest possible length. The maximum waist/hip of the baby to fit in the Juppy is 25 inches (63.5 cm). The Juppy can be compacted to fit in a diaper bag or purse and can be brought out. The Juppy can be machine washed (in gentle cycle cold water and air dry) or hand washed. The Juppy comes with its own colour coordinated carrying case.

How to Use

Place baby in the Juppy, and zip up the back of the Juppy. The Juppy is suitable for babies below a maximum weight of 30 pounds (13.6 kg). Adjust the straps such that they allow you to support your baby without bending over.

It’s All About Safety!

The Juppy is an alternative to traditional baby walkers that eliminates all of the dangers of walkers with wheels. In some counties, baby walkers with wheels are either banned or made illegal. The Juppy also helps in minimising backaches and knee aches of the supporting parent and is useful for grandparents.

Safety Warning

Please do not swing your baby in the Juppy or use it as a baby carrier. We will not be responsible for any injury to your baby due to misuse of the Juppy. Please only start to use the Juppy when your baby shows signs of interest in walking.