Flyebaby Travel Seat

FlyeBaby is the original portable, hammock-style, fabric seat that can be used for infants and babies on airplanes, dining room chairs and beach chairs. It creates a secure, comfortable place for your baby on a flight, at home, at a restaurant, around a pool or at the beach. The ONLY multi-use product of it’s kind!

Price: S$ 69.90 (Postage: S$1.50)

Available Colours
Flyebaby Travel Seat is available in Retro-Mod (FB01, see airplane picture above for sample) or Jungle (FB02, see boy in dining chair for sample).

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Product Features
Flyebaby folds up for complete portability and fits easily in a diaper bag or carry on. Flyebaby has been tested and will work on airplanes in which the seat pitch (ie the distance between passenger seats in an airplane, measured when front seat is fully up-right) is in the range of 29 inches to 36 inches. Flyebaby can be used for infants up to 25 pounds. Flyebaby is machine washable and constructed of prewashed, preshrunk, cotton/poly blend with matching fabric storage bag.

How To Use
For airplane use, simply attach the straps to the tray table and then secure the bottom strap around the adult's waist. For chairs, secure straps around the back and base of the chair. Baby is secured by a three-point harness system, which offers greater security for the baby when Flyebaby is used on lounge chairs and dining chairs. All straps on Flyebaby are fully adjustable to allow use on the majority of airplanes and/or chair models.

Please click here for more information on how to install and use Flyebaby in an airplane, on a lounge chair or dining chair (manufacturer's website).

It's All About Safety!
When young children below the age of 2 travel by airplane, they are usually placed in a bassinet. However, in cases where no bassinets are available, these young children then travel as "lap babies", which is highly uncomfortable for both parent and child. Flyebaby offers a snug and comfortable place for young children to sleep, play, interact and eat while facing their parents during the flight. Flyebaby also allows parents the freedom to choose seats that are near the back of the plane, which tend to be quieter, since parents are now not constrained with the need to be near a bassinet.

The FAA does not prohibit the use of FlyeBaby during the cruise portion of the flight. The applicable FAA regulation is listed below. The FAA was consulted during the design process of FlyeBaby and they found no reason that the seat could not be used during the cruise portion of the flight.


a. The regulations contained in Section 121.311 prohibit the use of certain types of CRSs* during ground movement, takeoff, and landing. However, during the cruise portion of the flight there is no regulatory prohibition regarding the use of any type of child restraint, including those prohibited from use during ground movement, takeoff, and landing.

* Child Restraint Systems

However, please do note that Flyebaby is not to be used during taxi, take-off or landing and is not a safety device during turbulence. During turbulence, the child must be removed from Flyebaby.

Do not leave a child unattended while they are in the FlyeBaby seat and it is the adult's responsibility to make sure the child is secured in the three-point harness and positioned so that their head does not touch the seat in front of them while on an airplane.

Please note that Flyebaby is not to be used in an automobile or any other kind of moving vehicle under all circumstances.

Please click here if you have more questions about Flyebaby (manufacturer's website).