Baby cot organizer

The ultimate baby organizer neatly store baby‘s essentials where you need them most. Attach it to your changing table, dresser, wall, or crib. Convenient pockets and shelves provide easy access to diapers, wipes, lotions, creams, and toys. All Dexbaby products are free of PVC, phthalates, lead and BPA.

Price: S$ 49.90 (Postage: S$3.05)

Dexbaby Baby Cot Organizer is only available in white colour (DB01).

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Product Features
Dexbaby Baby Cot Organizer has four pockets and five shelves that allow you to put a variety of baby’s products such as diapers, clothes, wet wipes, diaper cream, powder, etc for quick and convenient access. Dexbaby Baby Cot Organizer also comes with two hooks for toys and/or pacifiers. Dexbaby Baby Cot Organizer can be attached to your baby’s cot using the Velcro straps provided or attached to a wall/door using the hook provided at the back of the Dexbaby Baby Cot Organizer.

How to Use
Simply attach the Dexbaby Baby Cot Organizer to a rail of your baby’s cot using the straps provided. Alternatively, you can use the hook at the back of the Dexbaby Baby Cot Organizer to attach to a clip on the wall or a door.